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Listing Management

Create Listing Widgets or Email multiple listings

If you're an online seller or advertiser, you probably have certain listings that you want to highlight. vFlyer lets you do just that in with lists. A list is just a group of listings that you choose and that you can then use in your vFlyer widgets and emails. Say you're an auto dealer and you want to create separate widgets for your new and used vehicles, or a real estate agent and you are trying to segment your listings by location; lists allow you to do just that. You can even include a list of up to 7 listings in an Email.

In any of your lists, you can include flyers, teasers, or both. Whatever you choose.

And best of all, lists are super easy to create!

Save time + Increased Exposure + Better Results = vFlyer

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Innovator Award vFlyer captured the Inman News award for Most Innovative Web Service. "vFlyer is constantly releasing new marketing tools for agents, including widgets that display their listings..."

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